The ST12 Anchor Stiches have become the contractor’s method of choice for repairing cracked concrete pools. SlabStitchTM is a part of the SlabStitch Structural Systems Company and has been very successful in reaching customers in the residential and commercial swimming pool renovation market.


Today the Anchor Stitch product includes the SlabStitch ST12 as the company also continues to expand its product lines. SlabStitchTM is committed to diversifying its product offering to serve the needs of customers while growing its brand nationally. To reinforce that commitment, the company recently made the decision to brand all its product lines under the SlabStitchTM Structural Systems (black, blue and grey) logo. This means the Anchor Stitch (gray and white) sub-brand will transition to the SlabStitchTM Structural Systems (black, blue and grey) logo brand.


The SlabStitchTM Structural Systems brand has built clear history on strong customer relationships and engineered, tested and field-supported products. The brand transition will combine the strengths and increase the company’s visibility in the commercial, industrial and infrastructure construction industry while making brand recognition easier for customers.


The logo change will not have any effect on customer service or operations – customers will continue to work with the same Anchor Stitch Systems sales representative and field engineer and the company will continue to deliver on its promise of In the Specs, on the job, at your service. From its first days of operation, SlabStitchTM has been dedicated to helping its customers succeed by providing exceptional products, full-service engineering and field support, product testing and training, and on-time product delivery. This is what the brand is built on and it will continue to be the foundation as we help customers’ businesses grow and thrive. We look forward to continuing to serve all of you in the coming years.

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