SlabStitch® is a structural system to permanently stitch fractures that develop in reinforced concrete structures such as pools, decks, and walls.

SlabStitch® Anchor Stitches are precision engineered to restore the tensile strength across the crack, reestablish compression, and stabilize the structure. The stitches are fabricated with a machined face and slot, welded to a high quality A-706 hook, hot dip galvanized, and installed in a niche below the concrete surface. The system works by tightening down the anchor wedge to post-tension the rebar stitch, inhibiting the crack from expanding and getting larger. The anchoring mechanism consisting of a threaded stud with an outwardly flared cone-shaped end. Tightening of the nut pulls the cone-shaped stud end into the expander sleeve, wedging it outward and locking the anchor into the concrete base material. The system is engineered to transfer load away from the fracture, thus creating a long-lasting fix.


  • Available in Various Quantities – 5 and 10 stitch sets
  • Requires no special tools
  • Stitch tensioning performance does not rely on glues or epoxies
  • Precision machined – Tightens down securely on flat or outward curved surfaces
  • 12-inch lengths – Locks into solid areas of reinforced concrete
  • Weld extends 1/2-inch into machined head – Stitch is highly resistant to failure
  • Zinc galvanized – Prevents corrosion
  • Warranty – Guaranteed against manufacturers defects

Performance Characteristics:

When professionally installed, the SlabStitch® system provides a permanent structural solution that:

1) increases strength and stiffness;

2) transfers load away from the fracture;

3) restores tensile strength across the crack; and

4) inhibits cracks from expanding or getting larger.


SlabStitch® is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (

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